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I have been photographing product in the studio and on location for nearly 46 years. 

Leaving The London College of Printing after a 3 year course in 1976, probably then the best photographic college in the country, I was lucky to find an assisting job with a rising studio photographer. We worked with many well known Advertising Agencies in London, on some prestigious brands like Audi, Rolex, Guiness and in those days many tobacco companies. How times have changed!

With this experience, I set up my own studio in London and continued to work for myself on a wide range of products and services.

We moved to North Devon in 1993 to bring up our young family, in what we considered to be a more relaxed environment. I started photographing for many local, large and small businesses.

Pre Covid I ran a large studio in South Molton near Mole Valley Farmers. The pandemic however made me rethink my goals and now I am specialising in purely product photography for various e-commerce applications.

I am mixing this with travels in a rather ancient Series 3 Landrover. Have to be careful how I say that, as Lara the Landrover is considerably younger than myself and my wife, Pat!

If you would like to see how we got on driving our 43year old Series Landrover to Southern Turkey and back, click on the Instagram logo below.

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